Too much free time leads to delaying later. Blog too. I’m sending cv’s. I talk seriously with four companies, one in Warsaw. Do you remember my favourite psychopath? He spoke today. Basically last night. I know what I should do about it. However, I do not. Again I make my life more difficult? Just to…

rozmowa kwalifikacyjna

There was a lot going on a lot yesterday. I am sending CV for every interesting advertisement. Not only in my city. Yesterday’s conversation took 2 hours and I did not even notice. It was very cool. They are supposed to speak at the beginning of February. We’ll see. Wczoraj dużo się działo, oj dużo….


Thank you. Thanks to you, I do not eat breakfast alone. It’s good that you are. Dziękuję. Dzięki Wam nie jem śniadania sama. Dobrze, że jesteście.


Risotto with zucchini in progress. I found only rice and zucchini in this apartment, so … here is a risotto with zucchini. It’s good that some broth and butter and onions are found. I go to my first job interview on Monday. Keep fingers crossed. Risotto z cukinią w toku. Tylko ryż i cukinia znalazłam…


Cabbage with beans is a dish that appeared in my family home only once a year – on Christmas Eve. Simple, ineffective, it photos will not improve any Instagram filter and will not make it look attractive. Since Mama is dead, I remember to prepare even a bit of sentiment. But also for taste, I…